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Stainless Steel Martial Sword

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  • Handmade Honsanmai Laminated Carbon Steel T10 Samurai Sword

    Contact NowHandmade Honsanmai Laminated Carbon Steel T10 Samurai SwordHandmade Unique and New Honsanmai Laminated Carbon Steel T10 Samurai Sword Samurai Sword Specifications: Sword photos: Samurai Sword Terminology: Sword Company’s advantage: Sword making procedure: About payment: We accept payment by bank transfer, paypal, western union, money gram, etc. Please...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Kungfu Sword

    Contact NowStainless Steel Kungfu SwordStainless Steel 440 Taiji Sword Kungfu Sword for Martial Arts and Performance Kungfu Sword Specifications: Unique Points: 1. We use 12 different kinds of animals’ head stand for 12 different birthday year, so the customers can choose what they are. 2. We use metal sheath instead of wood, thus it...Read More

  • Laminated Carbon Steel Wakizashi with Real Hamon

    Contact NowLaminated Carbon Steel Wakizashi with Real HamonHandmade Maru Laminated Carbon Steel T10 Wakizashi What is wakizashi? A wakizashi is one of the traditional samurai sword, it is shorter than a katana but longer than a tanto.It is usually worn and put together with the katana to make them be a set for different use. How to use the wakizashi? It...Read More