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Wu Shijian Sharp Level
Oct 31, 2017

Wu Shijian Sharp level

The performance of the sword, people first thought is the sharp level of the sword how. This idea of course, the sword of course, to sharp, but one thing, many valuable sword in the made, not in a hurry to open the edge, unless the use of time, and if not war, the sword generally did not use the opportunity, so there are Of the sword was collected for decades or no blade. The reason is so, one after the knife blade blade sharp, he usually play when it is inevitable the risk of injury; the second is a lot of people believe that the sword of the blade at home is not auspicious; third is due to the technical requirements of the blade Simple, when to open can, not in a hurry. Long Jiange sword mall dedicated to serve you!

Generally said that the sword of the sharp, that it chopped the ability of soft material, such as Damascus sword is a rare razor in the world, will be a ray of filaments in the air, Damascus sword can be cut it for two times. A Russian scientist had imitated the Damascus sword, and the sword was made to cut off a piece of silk in the air, but the light of something was cut off to the level of the real Damascus sword. The country also has a "ragged blade" argument, that is, a bunch of hair on the edge of the mouth, with a mouth blowing, hair is broken, which also refers to the sharpness of its sharp level depends mainly on the hardness of the edge of steel, but also Subject to other factors. Damascus sword so extremely sharp, in addition to its hardness, but also because of its body pattern, pattern in the blade formed a very fine "serrated" greatly improved the level of sharp.

In addition, the strength of the blade, toughness is also very important, it can be said that the hardness is to ensure that the opponent can cut off the opponent's sword index, and strength and toughness is to ensure that opponents are not cut off the knife index, which is the strength of the sword against the basis of external force, toughness It means that it can bend the level. To measure a person's character, asked to do "rather not bend" side is considered a hero hero, and the requirements of the sword on the contrary, to "not bend" to do, fighting, the sword is slightly bent that does not affect the fighting, And once broken for the two can not be used in recent years, there is a ceramic to do the knife, because the ceramic composition is mainly alumina, alumina hardness is much higher than the steel, this knife is extremely sharp, but its strength, toughness can Speaking to the extreme, one touch is broken. For steel, the higher the carbon content, the better the hardenability; the lower the carbon content, the better the toughness, the two themselves will be contradictory, to think of both, even more need for superb skills. Wu Jian for the actual combat of the device, in general, than the sword to be thicker. Generally used in the battlefield, and some as a bodyguard nurses used by the martial arts. Han Dynasty sword as a common battlefield used in the cold weapons, generally as far as possible to do long, in order to more effectively kill the enemy, unearthed Qin Jianhan sword length from 80 cm to 150 cm are found. Since the Han Dynasty after the sword is generally not used in the war, but the use of folk circulation, the Ming and Qing Dynasties Wu Jian generally rough decoration, and some in order to increase the strength of iron equipment, the sword is generally folded iron and then steel, Qi Jiguang advocated by the iron to refining, cutting with pure steel. "This type of armed sword is generally used for the bodyguard or folk martial arts, the length of non-custom, generally in line with their own habits or in line with the norms of the principle The.

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