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"Wrought" is Japan in the process of forging an important step is the first step in making knives.
Dec 05, 2016

"Wrought" is Japan in the process of forging an important step is the first step inmaking knives.

Refers to a knife steel is heated to redness of hammer forging the steel hammer open folded after hitting, and so forth, allows steel to extend. Usually less hitting 7, 8 times, up to 20, 30 times, each beat hundreds of hammer. For example, hammering the 10th, there will be 1024 layers of steel. Through this step, sulfur impurities and excess carbon in steel cleared, in order to increase flexibility and toughness of steel. It's like kneading dough, thrashing the layers more carbon in steel and components will be more uniform, iron crystals will be more detailed, final uniform quality forged steel, up to thousands of layers, is very strong, and eventually become homogeneous steel. Japan unique pattern is hammering out the knife.

Hammer forging method are many, such as cross-forging, suriko muduan, short leaves of forge, forging, pattern is different.