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Wakizashi National Treasure Knife
Jul 03, 2017

Wakizashi National treasure knife

If you love only one person, then you are old; if you do not love anymore, you have been reborn. Positive people must have a habit of sticking. 【Name ceremony too】 too knife, blade length 66.10CM. The late peace of the knife made three pond code too light world, originally for the town-cho general (Ashikaga) all, in the Taoshan era fall into the hands of Hideyoshi, and later Hideyoshi gave it to the former Tianli family. Knife Ming as "three pool Guangshi"; [number of pills balls times] the specific situation is unknown, the legend of the Japanese lotus all; [boy cut An Gang] the specific situation is unknown, the legend for the source Lai light all; For the mountain city of the knife and the workers made three cases; [ghost pill Gang Gang] the specific situation is unknown, according to legend for the Kamakura North family at home, with the north of a door of the whole destroyed and scattered (here referred to the North and the Warring States period Odawara Kitano is nothing to do, the latter is the Ise new nine Lang Changsheng surname north, renamed the North after the formation of the early family). (Note, the above collectively known as "the world five sword", that there are different, the actual details and existing, please see the separate entry) Other name knife: (Note, the following five knife from the new election group, Misinformation is also more, but celebrity knife called "knife" is not too, but the real name of the knife, the following mentioned only glimpse of it)

[Ju a text is the case] too knife, blade length 78.48CM. After the birds and feathers prepared for the country before the knife workers were made, a literary representative works. Legend was later for the new group of swordsman owned by the Secretary. (Note, red field director of the use of chrysanthemum a text of the legend, only in the novel, the actual did not hold, because the chrysanthemum of a text in the era of the end of the book is a national treasure level, red field Secretary can not get To the sword, and the Royal Royal of the weapons and more for the decoration, used to show the majority of Wei instrument, chrysanthemum a text is a thin blade of the knife, not suitable for actual combat. Zengmihu Che】 Threats, blade length 45.75CM. The predecessor of the country knife workers in the text of the three years. For the new group of Swordsman Kondo Yong love knife. (In the arcade game "devour heaven and earth" fire new wild that off, as if you can play it from the barrel ...); (Note, special correction Online misleading: Kondo Yonghuohu and this data is two different things, Kondo Yong is a knife, and basically identified as a fake object, but, "Tiger Che" in the name but because Kondo Yong more famous, so, although Kondo Yong Of the fake tiger is the use of a well-known knife was famous, but also definitely with the "name knife" word.) [And spring and keep] knife, blade length 70.6CM. Well-known knife made by the set, the new group of Swordsman earth-year-old three all. Knife Ming as "and the spring and rattan Fuji", in the handle is also engraved with inscriptions: "Trick soldiers are all strong in the former"; (Note: special correction online misinformation: ● "nine words and" Any relationship, existing in Tokyo, Japan Hino City, the old side of the three museums of the "and Quan Shou and set" for the eleventh generation and Quan Shou and set for the information: earth old three "and the spring and keep the" blade length: 2 feet 3 inch 1 6% (about 70.6CM) knife (stem) Table Ming: and the spring and keep the Ming Ming: Qing Yun 3 years on February 1 and the "nine words and set" for the 2 generation and set for the information: nine words and set (and spring Fu Fujiwara both) (70.56cm) knife (stem) Table Ming: and the spring of Fujiwara and set for the Ming Ming: Temperers are all in the former group ● "nine words and set" and the earth's three "and Quan Shou and set" completely Is 2 vibration knife.) [Horikawa Kwok wide] knife, blade length 70.6CM. The famous knife Jiuzhou day to the country wide, the legend is the first masterpiece in the country's works. After the new group of earth-year-old three all.