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Tool history
Dec 05, 2016

First Japan sword shape, according to the view of modern archaeology, is the knife from the Heian period the Kingdom of heaven, his work is famous too knife Karasuma. Since then, through the Kamakura period, the southern and Northern Dynasties period, Muromachi period, the development of an Earth Momoyama era, Jiang 戸 times, Japan seen by the shape of the knife has become a modern style in which, the blade length in the Momoyama period and Edo period have been provided.

According to the war and the use of development and change, Japan knife shape has evolved gradually. Its mainly for Beijing's transfer from the stem back, waist reverse propulsion. Many grew up modeling heroic peace, Northern and Southern dynasties ancient knives are also accepted on the ground or even to shorten the length of the mill. During the Edo period, Japan knife is no longer the main application functionality into the battlefield visualization tools for fencing, and Edo period Japan knife against sword it is compared to the time before the much weaker.