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The Fittings
Dec 05, 2016

Japan sword fittings is very careful, in different times, different species have different decoration. Hair pulling is a knife "keeping" (Japan kanji), Hyogo locks too knife kept in guard House, it's too tool storage, leather bag is too sword kept in deposit, Wu Zangcun, and so on. Fujiwara loyalty volume too knife in the history, for the ancient features of military fittings. According to the different fittings, carried by Knights is also different. This small wonder see so much in a movie or animation [3] equipped with knives.

Japan knife knife accessories including sheath, small handle, Hairpin, curb, head, Menuki, Tan.

With Tan (much as ば, Tsuba) as the main accessory, Tan normal swords or hand, its role is to:

A knife switch and put the sword.

Fighting for the protection of the Palm and wrist.

Display social status, honor, noble symbol.

Momoyama era before focusing on practical, the first two, after which focuses on decorative, the third.