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Steel Products Matching
Dec 05, 2016

Japan form regardless of the tip or the blade of the sword is based on "circle" is based on modelling, the blade is arc mainly steel match and caused by quenching. First, the knife with carbon content and hard edged gold (はがね, Hagane), iron (かわがね, Kawagane), the carbon content and soft heart iron (しんがね, Shingane) wrapped up, in Japanese called Yu (つくりこみ, Tsukurikomi), this dual structure is Japan knife features. Outside edge of gold and iron knives sharp and have appropriate hardness not to bend. After burn-in phase to carbon and cooling rate control of Shao ju in the tip and the other part of the difference between the amount of volume expansion, so that the tip have a strong compressive stress, makes the tool more resistant to breakage, and forms the arc of the cutlass.