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So Cutter Era
Dec 05, 2016

Late Heian period, especially Samurai forces the most active "for nine years before the battle" and "three years after the battle of" period, the Samurai family forces increase, Japan knives have a great development. Produces high quality iron ore hoki province and bizen province, as well as political and cultural center of yamashiro province, Yamato and other places, there are different schools of knife, this time Japan knives are primarily used for battle at once, so too the knife. The representative works of this period are Yorimitsu in the river mountains cut "shuten-douji" and "boy cut" (an outline of hoki province, Japan national treasure), and legend allow Fox to help build the "small Fox" (three cases in the Mountain State, destroyed during World War II). In addition to Yasutsuna, mountain town (present-day Kyoto), three small smelter near Gu Bei ex, is considered to be the most ancient of the extant works of engraved with the maker's name the knife.

Heian period too the knife features: Ho, Temple (いおりむね, Iorimune), a small cut, Beijing, and before and after narrow wide, beautiful shape.