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Samurai Sword To Prevent Water Stains, Perspiration
Aug 03, 2017

samurai sword To prevent water stains, perspiration

Usually we maintain the warrior sword will not be used to the ancient warrior sword hand, look at how we are under the maintenance, in fact, very simple.

Warrior sword, sword to prevent water stains, perspiration, vegetable juice, vegetable oil. Do not touch the warrior sorcerer, samurai sword if you touch or try to cut must use pure cotton cloth to wipe the samurai sword and then If the samurai sword without oil touched or try to cut after there will be printed, this time with cotton is difficult to clean, then use pure cotton cloth on the point of sewing machine oil and then rub, You can remove the fingerprints. If you still do not clean on the point of gasoline wipe, if you still do not clean the rice must use the banana water wipe, you can quickly remove. Wipe clean in the sewing machine oil or machine oil into the sheath on it , Generally as long as the treatment can be left there after a long time do not have to control it will not rust.

Conditional can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of Vaseline (solid), and then put the sewing machine oil into the Vaseline in the mixing even better effect. After stirring the concentration of feeling with the car oil almost on the line, no special restrictions.

If it is rusty.

Sheath loose, the warrior sword Ya loose how should I do?

In general there are three cases where the samurai sword will be loose

The first is that the process of transport may cause the samurai sword loose (postal quality problems, Kam packaging will be much better, but can not guarantee foolproof.)

The second is not standardized demolition caused Samurai sword Ya loose (can be avoided)

The third is the samurai sword inserted into the sheath when too hard, because the force into the sheath when the samurai sword will be the impact of the warrior sword Tan, this is a very bad habit, when the light in my retail time Customers see Samurai will often happen such a thing. This way will not hurt the samurai sword, but will be the samurai sword back to the top of the top, back to the top will be caused with the warrior Jianzhao feathers between the gap, there is a gap after the warrior sword Tan loose (can be avoided)

Samurai sword is loose is the samurai sword hole hole is big, this problem is not very good solution, which has a more convenient but not reasonable way is to find an awl with hammer, awl to withstand the edge of the samurai sword , With a hammer knocking awning, so that the samurai sword hole will be squeezed after the small, and then back on the warrior sword, installed as long as not loose on it.

Samurai sword is generally warrior sword used to cause too much after the sheath wound wear will loose, sheath pine is easy to solve, to find a general furniture factory, asked them to point very delicate wood chips, delicate degree with flour almost. Find a little after the wood chip to the sheath, and then stick with 502, felt good after the file with the samurai sword trim, while the side of the amendment to try, I feel almost good.