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Samurai Sword The King Of Cold Weapons
Jul 03, 2017

Samurai Sword The king of cold weapons

A: Welcome back, we went on to say that the king of this cold weapon - sword. Sword, belonging to the guards. Known as "100 soldiers of the king" reputation. Ancient sword made of metal, long strip, front tip, back with a short handle, both sides of a blade of weapons. Spring and Autumn Warring States, the sword for the main weapons, in the development of the sword was lengthened, Hubei Jiangling Wang Shan No. 1 Chu tomb unearthed Yue Wang Jian Jian sword length of 55.7 cm. Han Emperor, there are more than 3 feet, the blade by the two arcs and stretch, into a straight, Jianfeng angle from sharp increase. To the Eastern Han Dynasty, the sword gradually out of the war arena, for wearing a ritual or martial arts physical self-defense. After the Han Dynasty bronze sword gradually replaced by steel sword, and tend to shape, that is, the blade has a ridge, both sides of a blade, before the sword tip, in the sword first, after the stem, stem end set the ring called Tan, in addition There are scabbard, sword and other ancillary ornaments. B: to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Saber popular. "Sui Shu etiquette Chi" contains: "a product, jade sword, Peishan mysterious jade. Two products, gold sword, Pei water Cangyu. Three products and the founding father, five scattered (bulk) Five goods, and silver loaded sword, wearing water Cangyu, paternity has been under the Tonglang has been on, like the sword is like a sword .This trend to the Tang Dynasty Sheng, the literati as an ornament, express to Lingyun ambition or Performance is still heroic heroic.

 A: China's sword more developed the more elegant and chic, but the foreign sword looks violent, sturdy and more, according to historical records, since the Middle Ages in Europe, due to the continuous improvement of iron smelting technology, soldiers armor protection More and more strong, to promote the European countries into the era of the cross sword .In this period, Scotland's Kramer sword and Teutonic warrior knight sword is more famous. B: In the British folk legend, the heroes often holding the hands A sword of the shape of a huge Kreemer sword. The length of this sword is usually 1.5 to 2 meters, the shape is simple, was a cross shape.As the sword body grew up, the typical Kramer sword is often in the back of the hood There is a balance of the blade of the ball ornaments. Kramer sword power is very powerful, it is suitable for melee with the enemy's heavy infantry melee is used. A: Teutonic warrior sword is also a relatively famous cross sword, it In the 15 ~ 17 century popular between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but this sword is not the average person can use, and its length is about 1.8 to 2 meters, only the height of the arm of the warrior to dance it. Article Dayton warrior gorgeous ornaments, sword body stretched out two with branches of the twigs, and sometimes with jagged - the reason to make such a strange look, it is obviously in order to increase the hacking is the destructive power of the enemy armor. B: famous sword is not just because the sword itself is sharp, more or the story on the sword. Foreign sword is the most famous or Excalibur that King Arthur King, and the legend of King of Britain King Arthur Arthur Pandragon from the lake fairies get known as the "sword of the king" of the sword Excalibur, the sword is the wizard in the Avalon created, Jian E by the gold cast, hooded inlaid with precious stones, and because of its cutting edge cutting iron, so the lake lady to "Excalibur" named. The so-called Excalibur is the ancient Kelvin language "broken steel" meaning. A: King Arthur, who holds the sword, won twelve important battles in ten years. Merlin had told King Arthur that "the sword of the king is strong, but the scabbard is more precious than its sword." The sword of the sword of the king will never bleed, and you will never lose it. "But then King Arthur Lost the scabbard.