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Samurai Sword Sword Of Conservation
Sep 06, 2017

samurai sword Sword of conservation

Warrior sword conservation

The first step wiping sword:

    To cotton towel cloth, velvet or deer skin, the first gently wipe the body of the residual oil, dust, and then a little cotton yarn Zhanjian even clouded cloth blade. Three minutes later to the original cotton cloth back and forth to wipe, for about 2-3 quarter of an hour, to make the blade warm, the purpose is to remove the blade surface impurities and promote chemical changes in phosphonium, that is, The pores of the sword body. At this time be sure to concentrate on to avoid being cut or stabbed.

    Ancient law sword step by wiping sword, Pan Jian, on the anti-rust oil, maintenance accessories, sword and other five steps in order to carry out.

The second step disk sword:

    (About 1 × 3 × 12CM or so), with a flat side of the blade in the face of the force back and forth on the blade side of the towel (large bath towel can also) The plate wipes it slightly. And so wiped to seem to have oil but no oil, the sword body deposited with a little swab sword (face) powder, and then continue to wipe the plate for about a quarter of an hour, its role is to remove the scratches and increase the blade pores Contraction speed; and the above actions must be calm and calm, so it can be regarded as an excellent way of self-cultivation.

The third step on the anti-rust oil:

    If the sword is not a day or live more humid, then the sword must be coated with a thin layer of anti-rust oil to avoid contact with the air. But if the regular maintenance every day, then keep the sword bright and clean, anti-sword is conducive to develop, do not need oil.

The fourth step maintenance accessories:

    With the original maintenance cloth or skin to wipe the accessories can be, (to make the bronze bright, you can cloth ring grip, and then force the left and right rotation) due to the cloth has more than oil can produce a protective effect to avoid oxidation of copper chlorine.

The fourth step to raise the sword sheath:

    For the sword of the last one procedures; and then the original maintenance with cloth or apron grip scabbard, up and down around the force wipe, so that the wood heat, so the wood within the oil, it will slowly surfaced on the surface. After a long time, the entire surface of the scabbard covered with a layer of wood oil, like a layer of bright wax, not only the texture of the odd good, and later only a little wipe, you can eternal Guangrun.

    For the completion of the new casting sword, the best maintenance once a day, at least every three days that should be maintained, must not be more than seven days without maintenance. Sword in the maintenance work after one year, every ten days can be; two years after fifteen days; three years after twenty five days; four months after a month maintenance can be. Sword through such conservation, the blade surface will gradually emerge purple and green light wonderful.

    When the sword of such a stage, the blade surface will be dense antique white markings (or spots), which is the body of the phosphonium, calcium caused by the emergence. If you wipe hard to produce a thermal effect, you can reflect the purple or green light. At this point should continue to maintain about six months, the sword body covered with a layer of natural carbon, can never guarantee the rust, sword to this side is done.