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Samurai Sword Smelting Forging Technology
Sep 18, 2017

Samurai Sword Smelting forging technology

Samurai sword from the Tang Dynasty Tang Jian improved from Japan, also known as the sword. Full name for the plane broken pieces of complex light pattern blade, one of the world's three famous edge. According to the shape, size is divided into too sword, sword (sword), threat difference (threat), dagger and so on. Broadly include long scrolls, shaving sword, sword, gun and so on. Since ancient times as a weapon at the same time with its beautiful shape known, many of the sword was regarded as a collection of art, and contains the symbol of the soul of the warrior. Different from the sword of other countries, the biggest feature of the warrior sword is in the shape of the body outside the decorative body itself to show a sense of art. In Japan, the sword is called "sword workers", "sword", or "sword forging rule."

   As early as the Tang Dynasty in China, China's smelting and forging technology and the economy has been an unprecedented development, the high cost of the Tang Jian has been imported Han Jian smelting skills of Japan, but when the Japanese emperor to see the superior performance of skilled Tang Jian, also exclaimed: Only the Central Plains to cast such a fine Jian Jian. Japan then learn Tang Jian forging the law, and to be improved, it has become seen today, one of the world's three famous sword of warriors sword. And after the Tang Dynasty, China's Tang Jian forging skills gradually lost (today to China through the ancient sword of the sword division's efforts have been able to restore the performance of the Tang Jian). The warrior sword with its excellent performance in the world of cold weapons in a place and enjoy a good reputation and reputation.

The form of the samurai sword, from the late period of peace, through the Kamakura, the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Muromachi, An Tao Taoshan, Edo early, middle, the end of the curtain, there has been a great change. Mainly from the sword to the sword of the change, straight sword suitable for thorns, bending sword suitable for chopping, the reason why such a change is mainly caused by changes in the fighting style, from the end of peace, for the immediate combat, The sword has been improved.

Warrior sword production, from the late security to the Kamakura era, there have been large and the country, the former country, mountain country, phase country, the United States and the United States five major centers,

Ancient times

The sword before the end of the Heian period was classified as an ancient sword, sword-shaped is different from the now common samurai sword, or straight edge, or with a double front. Ancient swords are extremely rare and are important archaeological materials. Japanese ancient grave era has emerged iron sword sword. Such as Saitama Prefecture and the island of rice mountain graves and the island.