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Kungfu Sword Sports
Jun 16, 2017

Kungfu Sword Sports

Boxing and the use of weapons technology, is the traditional Chinese sports. ("Modern Chinese Dictionary") martial arts, also known as martial arts or martial arts, traditional Chinese sports. The content is to play Wushu has a very extensive mass base, is the Chinese people in the long-term social practice in the accumulation and enrichment of a valuable cultural heritage. Is one of the outstanding cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

Wushu sword is a performance and martial arts training with a sword, the blade is very thin, no strong anti-killer.

Explanation of words

Sword: one of the ancient weapons, are "short soldiers." Known as "100 soldiers of the king" reputation. Ancient sword made of metal, long strip, front tip, back with a short handle, both sides of a blade of weapons. Now as a sword with the sword, the sword as a slender bar, the top of a small ball, no blade.

The length and weight of the sword The length and weight of the Chinese ancient sword, due to changes in the times and different needs and diverse changes, there are swords, swords, dagger, small sword of the points. Written in the Spring and Autumn Period of the Warring States Period, "Zhou Li, Kao Gong Ji", there are different according to the different use of the sword, the next three kinds of sword-shaped records. On the system of the sword about 60 cm long, heavy jin twelve twelve; medium-sized sword about 50 cm long, heavy jin fourteen two; under the system sword about 40 cm long, two pounds one or two. This is the ancient Chinese, the first record with the text of the ancient sword of the standard system. In ancient times, wearing a sword is a symbol of status and status. The length of the early bronze sword is generally not more than 30 cm. Spring and Autumn Wu Yue Wang Jian's length, reaching 50 to 60 cm. For example, the famous Yue Wang Jian Jian Jian long 55.6 cm, sword grid width 5 cm, showing the king of the sword of the peerless style. Thailand bronze sword sword sword is very mature, the sword was significantly longer, and some reached more than 1 meter. Generation of male king Qin Ying Zheng because the sword is too long, in Jing Ke assassination, desperate moment can not be drawn out, almost lost his life. Three times when the Cao Pi, in Jian'an twenty-four years or diploma three, each long four feet two inches (about 99 cm), weighing a pound of fifty two (about 0.51 kg), was the Standard shape. Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong of the Royal sword, each pass length of about 3 feet, the weight of 23 to 31 two, luxurious decoration, filling the royal style.

The length and weight of the sword are also related to the sword species. Ancient sword has text, Wu of the points. Wen Jian as a general decoration sword or literati of the sword of the instruments. Generally through the length of 80 cm, the weight of about 1 kg, such as the Qinglongquan sword, Fushou sword, sword body steel is more common, but the equipment is beautifully decorated, usually copper or jade equipment, can hang study to show Civil and military unity, but also can wear to show the distinguished, very time can also play a role in self-defense.