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Katana The Main Part And Name Of The Knife
Jul 17, 2017

Katana The main part and name of the knife

At present, the main parts and names of the knives are not unified, so we take the representative kabba saber as an example to illustrate the main parts and names of the knives:

Tip: (1) cutting tools used in the part of the "sting", according to different purposes of several different forms, broadsword type: the blade of this knife with the length of the largest, is one of the most commonly used tool tip forms, often used for hunting knife, kappa broadsword type blade saber is used. Sword type: the knife type is symmetrical, the two sides open the front, have the powerful penetrability, often used in the self-defense tool, such as the A - F543DES air force dagger produced by booker, the sword type is used. Japanese: this type of knife-type has preserved the piercing of the tip of the blade, while giving the blade the excellent bending ability. It is often used in police tools, such as the company's CT57, which is a typical Japanese tool tip. Spear: it is named after the sharp point of the blade, which increases the intensity of the blade while having some penetrating power, such as South Korea mk-12001r, which USES the spear tip. Machete type: this type of knife-type is characterized by the intersection of the back and blade of the knife, especially for cutting and cutting, often used in military knives, such as the CUSTOM hunting knife produced by the company.

(2) the false edge: in the side of the upper as opposed to a blade knife axis, do the same as the blade Angle grinding, but do not open the front parts, its role is to increase point of penetrating, but relatively reduces the strength of the blade, false and knife blade are generally open front.

(3) the knife back: as opposed to a blade part of the general as well as the most thick knife parts, have the effect of strengthening the whole knife rigid, there are some knives on the knife back drive sawtooth, generally called back tooth, it is mainly used for sawing wood, such as back teeth is common in survival tool.

(4) blood groove: generally located in the middle of the knife body, it is convenient for the bayonet to draw the knife back or stab deeper. It is used in the spines, such as Ming M9 saber.

(5) : blade is the sharpest part in the whole sword, according to different purpose and design idea, the open front and grinding in different ways, in order to facilitate cutting ropes, currently popular close to hand in the end of the blade open tooth, referred to as the blade teeth.

(6) hand guard: the place where the knife is used to separate the handle and blade, protecting the user's hand, but the design should be reasonable, or the hand protector can be hook with the clothes, not easy to pull the knife.

(7) handle: the part of the tool used for holding the holding in the tool should be in accordance with ergonomics, anti-slip design and comfortable grip.

(8) knife tail: at the end of the cutting tool, some knives have special intensification processing to facilitate the use of percussion in case of emergency.

With the continuous development of the system tool industry, the knife is not static, all kinds of knife type complement each other. Achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, the new type knife will have sprung up, this is the future trend of the development of system knife industry.