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Katana The Kneading Of The Knife
Oct 31, 2017

Katana The kneading of the knife

Knife maker used, especially when doing forged knives in such a way. Because my purpose is not to make that person embarrassed, so his name to be preserved. Not to say that as forging the way to do a good knife, but in fact the practice of relying on artificial technology than relying on scientific methods even more. In the oxygen-containing atmosphere, the kneading and forging of the knife will lose the carbon in the steel and the carbon will be decomposed into the air by oxygen. If the longer the temperature is maintained, the more carbon will be lost. Especially after repeated heating and tempering disposal, and finally made out of the carbon content of the waste can only guess what to say here is very simple, if the characteristics of the alloy itself, heat treatment and the final hardness of no Correct understanding of the words, want to continue to maintain the high quality of the product is very difficult. Heat treatment is a science of this century, and I should treat it as a science. Recently I saw a well-known knife maker who made a heat treatment, and a glamorous magazine shows how to do heat treatment. This person for the amateur or professional people do heat treatment services. Like the producers of the knife to control the thermal conditions required for those heat treatment. There is a picture to attract attention, the figure a lot of knife to each other close to the shelf in a shallow dish. Let me think about it, these knives are stacked in the shallow dish almost 12 "wide, each knife length, width and thickness are not the same, assuming that these knives are the same AirHarden alloy.

Now ask yourself a few questions, the first question, those at the edge of the knife will not be faster than in the middle of the knife heating? The answer is "yes" is indeed the case.

Question 2, such a treatment of a group of knives does not mean that the steel time and temperature curve will be affected? The answer is "will it!

Question three, as a result of more than a knife to produce and maintain a lot of heat, by the outer knife will not be easier to cool? The answer you must know. Question 4, then the quality of the hardening of these knives will not have a negative impact? Guaranteed will! Do you know the purpose of this example? This person has a world-class furnace and equipment, but it seems for the basic Lack of understanding of thermodynamics. These machines and equipment will not run their own, need someone to use and operate it must be a master of the operation of the master to use these devices to make good products.

Then talk about the temper (temper), if not after a good hardening, no more tempering treatment is also no way to use. Tempering in the disposal of harder than the low temperature, the main knife is to maintain a certain degree of anti-wear ability.