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Katana Steel Blocks Beat
Oct 19, 2017

Katana Steel blocks beat

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Knife workers will be burning red steel pieces forging, steel pieces hammer opened and then folded up and beat, so repeated, chase the 10th, there will be 1024 layers of steel, through this step, the steel can be sulfur and other impurities And excess carbon and other clear, to increase the elasticity and toughness of steel. This is like kneading in general, the more layers of the beat, steel and carbon in a variety of ingredients will be more uniform, iron crystal will be more detailed, and ultimately forging out the quality of steel uniform, up to thousands of layers, very tough The

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Japanese knife shape regardless of the tip or the whole blade is a round-based shape, the reason why the blade is mainly composed of steel and quenching caused by the quenching. First of all, the knife to the carbon content of the hard and more hard blade gold (Hagane, Hagane), leather iron (Kawga gok, Kawagane), will be less carbon content and soft heart (Shinguan), Shingane, It is a major feature of Japanese knives, such as the double construction of Japanese, which is called Japanese (つ く り こ み, Tsukurikomi). The outer edge of the gold and the leather makes the knife sharp and has the proper hardness not to bend. The subsequent firing stage controls the difference in the volume expansion of the tip and the other portions in terms of the amount of carbon and the rate of chaking. So that the tip produces a strong compressive stress makes the sword more vulnerable to damage, and the formation of machetes arc. After the Song Dynasty, the Japanese sword knife more and more appear in China, the Chinese society had a wide range of influence, to the peak of the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty, with the Japanese sword a large number of inputs at the same time, the pirates infestation to the coastal people to bring deep disaster, so China has an unprecedented study of Japan's boom, the Japanese sword has become a hot topic. Participating in this topic are writers, as well as military strategists, folk martial arts and scientists. A foreign object in China caused such a strong reaction, involving the surface so wide, is unprecedented in history.

From the Northern Song Dynasty Ouyang Xiu "Japanese knife song" originated, "Japanese knife" has become a poet-specific chant theme, this phenomenon reached the Ming and Qing dynasties, has been continuous. Our first to introduce is the Ming Dynasty politician, writer Tang Shunzhi, he had a Japanese knife, waved pen as a "Japanese knife song." Which chant: a passenger gave me a Japanese knife, the fish must be targeted for green and green, heavy blue sea ferry to the body, A sense of regret to mention the knife from the day, high day and bright day! Hair cold raw chicken skin, take the loss of steaming day forever. Smell the Japanese dipped into the beginning, a few years old buried deep wells, the sun on the month of fire to do, a condensate ice bucket cold. (30) Tang Shunzhi is an outstanding scholar of the Ming Dynasty scholars, he is proficient in martial arts, also participated in the anti-Japanese war, his "Japanese knife song" not only for this traditional theme into the new content and characteristics, and provide us with The Ming Dynasty Japanese knife valuable information. At that time the Japanese knife blade are showing the different light pattern, which is the Han Chinese high-quality sword before the characteristics of the ancient phase of the sword's ability, is based on these lines.