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Katana Refining Conditions
Oct 11, 2017

Katana Refining conditions

The most direct physical carrier of Japanese bushido katana is tang dao imitations, but the country because foreign traffic is convenient, lead to cultural relatively closed, so not many updated models, just according to the length of the knife and camber and reproduce them both the han and tang dynasty, is the continuation of the development of power civilization, this is especially true of military equipment, han, tang dao bow and efficiencies, two groups of nouns in the heart of tang dynasty are equal in weight.

The Japanese to learn during the tang dynasty tang dao for reference but there was no choice is the important cause of sword belongs to high-end products, refining the demand is higher, refining conditions is difficult to meet production standards in Japan, so forget about it. No, Japan is a country poor in mineral relatively, naturally in the manufacturing of cold has obvious disadvantages, one is the weapon data quality is not high, one is the air combustion time is not long. From the beginning of the tang dynasty to the spread of the Portuguese to Europe, these two problems were clearly sufficient and slightly adequate in the nearly one thousand years. Sword and crossbow, the two groups of weapons have a same, sword and bow only one focal point, single blade and launch an arrow, respectively, the sword and crossbow is different, could face more attack or attacks, more advanced weapons, like this cutting-edge technology is difficult to grasp when PangJuan thousands died of crossbows under more than seven hundred years after Europe have be crossbow crossbows) shot Richard I. In contrast, the external factors of the sword are understood. The chivalry of the tang dynasty had a very representative character, when the literati of the time carried the sword, and the sword only played decoration, without any practical significance. Likewise, the development of the samurai sword in Japan, the samurai sword has no practical meaning for the warrior Lord (general and daimyo), and the sword only plays a decorative role. A nation that can use weapons as an ornament must be a warrior nation.

Japan is not only the decoration of the bushido, but also at the same time as handicraft. There are not many countries that can use weapons as handicrafts. Switzerland and Japan are the same, but different factors can be created. Swiss and French, not a warrior nation, so like Switzerland with weapons for just vassal martial arts and crafts country or nation, because the circles in Europe, Britain and Germany is martial Japan and Switzerland are the same just vassal martial Japanese is not good at learning, but suffer from learning, but learning to the Japanese people, is the client, so as not to be looked down upon, the ultimate goal is not for yourself, but to each other, take each other for the purpose of the main body of the shaft to change learning contains its significance. To sum up, it is the Japanese who are armed with the additional means of decoration and crafts. According to the Japanese people's love for the classification of judging rules, the decoration of the samurai sword is the artefact of the samurai sword which is imported from the country.