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Katana Note The Blade
Aug 28, 2017

Katana Note the blade

First, remove the nail

The head is made of bamboo, horns or ivory, etc. The purpose is to fix the knife, so must be removed. Most Japanese knives have only one staircase, and now the armed knives for safety, most of them will have two staples. Orthodox staples, the direction is fixed, from the end of the head with the target pull a push force, you can exit the staples, but I noticed that the knife is not necessarily the present. This little details did not notice, it is a pity. So when the removal of the nail, look carefully, one end is relatively large, the other end is relatively small, from the other side of the push, you can exit the staples. Some staples are very tight, this time we must use auxiliary tools, as shown in the figure with the knock, out of the staples.

Second, remove the handle

Remove the knife handle when the blade to move forward, otherwise it will be dangerous. Japanese knife is very sharp, slightly inadvertently, will cause serious injury.

First of all, the right hand grip handle, left hand fist, about the top of the right hand to the top of the height of 30 cm, aimed at the knife at the right hand of the tiger's mouth, with moderate force hammer. Hammer the right hand of the tiger's mouth, will hear the crisp metal sound, it is cut feathers and knife and the knife and the impact of each other's pleasant ears, and that you succeeded. The knife (center) will jump out of the handle, you just use the left hand of the two fingers pinch the blade, you can easily pull out the knife. Sword network for your service!

Three, playing powder

Playing powder ingredients, including animal bone meal, very fine grinding stone powder and so on. The purpose of the powder is to remove the old oil on the blade.

Left hand holding the position of the knife, the blade toward the front, right hand playing powder stick, gently knock on the knife body, about three to five times the interval can be. Personal experience is: If the old oil more, you can play a few times the powder, the powder flutter on the blade surface, and stay for some time, so that powder to absorb oil. Playing powder oil absorption capacity is very strong.

Four, erase the powder

Have heard the powder can be polished knife body of the argument, if the poor quality of playing powder, may accidentally scratch the blade, so the use of playing powder, in addition to careful, but also must pay attention to quality. So the argument on the grinding of the blade must also have experienced senior guidance, it is recommended that we gently use the paper to erase the powder. When wiping out, please note: must be a one-way gently wipe, not violent wipe back and forth, otherwise the blade will be serious scratches. Usually playing powder, erase this step takes two to three times to completely remove the old oil.