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Katana Historical Records
Sep 06, 2017

Katana Historical records

According to historical records, the Portuguese in the Japanese Warring States period (Note: since the four hundred and seventy years, "should be benevolent chaos", to fifteen seven years Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified Japan so far), the first Western civilization to Japan The On the contrary, the Japanese culture, according to the Edo period (note: refers to Tokugawa Ieyasu created Tokugawa shogunate era, from AD 1603 to 1868 only) Tokugawa shogunate "lock country policy" effect , Until the beginning of the nineteenth century was introduced to Europe. At that time, the most surprising and interested in the Europeans was the Ukiyo-ea (ie genre painting) and the Japanese knives (ie, the samurai because of these two things of artistic charm and production techniques, are far more than the Western imagination. On the rise in the future of the impression of painting in France, had a considerable impact and widely known, but the samurai sword is in the concept of people first-class deviation, has been regarded as a simple killer tool was left out, or even today, most people still Hold an inexplicable fear.

In fact, in 1876, when the Emperor of the Meiji dynasty promulgated the "waste knife order", the samurai sword was used as a weapon for the body, and was also regarded as a spiritual instrument of the traditional national spirit. Now, although it no longer has practical value, but it is undeniable that the Japanese national beauty of the process of evolution, still has a very important position.

If a single modern scientific perspective to assess the samurai knife is only a kind of authentic steel from the steel to create a sharp edge does not seem to have any artistic value. But from another point of view, but it is not difficult to glimpse its historical development of the latitude and longitude, not only embodies the foreigners do not understand the spirit of the Bushido, but also fully demonstrated the Japanese in the natural environment to overcome the pain The Some people say: If you want to understand the Japanese nation, you should first glimpse of the identification of the United States norms; to understand the Japanese recognition of the United States norms, you must start with the samurai sword. At first glance, this sentence seems slightly exaggerated, but when I understand the whole history of the samurai sword, you will find it is a sharp eye to see.

By the Japanese literature research, can be found in the first samurai sword in the ancient grave era (Note: from the year 2000 to seventy-seven years) mid-term. At that time the raw materials to iron-based, the shape is imitation of our sword and was straight, peace era (Note: AD seven nine to four years) raw materials to slightly rough refining of the milling, the appearance The warrior class in the political society to play the role of aggravated, the samurai sword also will have a revolutionary change (as well as to the Muromachi period), and to the Muromachi period (Note: AD 1338 to 1578) , Not only the raw material from the feather (that is, Shimane Prefecture) occurred in the water and the grass (that is, Hyogo) occurred in the original fire steel replaced the original iron, the shape from straight into a slight backwards. In addition, the institutionalization of the class and the changes in the form of war, but also directly contributed to the short knife and the threat of (Note: that is, the samurai pants in the shorter knife) was born.