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Katana Control The Carbon Content Of Steel
Aug 12, 2017

Katana Control the carbon content of steel

Characteristic samurai sword

Japanese knives are often considered to be powerful and inconvenient to traffic objects, some resentful, and even abominable and undeniable, from the beginning when they are in the peaceful times of their final form of peace and through the subsequent Kamakura Kamakura era, Nambokuchocirc; the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Machimura-cho era Edo era Edo warriors, have always believed that time is the weapon of war.

This, however, the sword maker never considered the sword is actually just as a weapon is separate from the contribution made by other countries in the samurai sword. Not only the pursuit of the sword of the sword in the practical function of the sword as a weapon, they also pursue the beauty of the sword art. This is a samurai knife.

Japanese people have a traditional expectation that the art has been in all the fields of artistic beauty, in addition to the actual excellence and the pursuit of beauty has always been its inherent nature. Iron is a cold luster and high quality material, but the Japanese can give it life to make it an art object in full bloom. If you visit one of the museums in London, the collection comes from the Wallace Sword all over the world, and you will find the Samurai Knife is the only kind of performance "iron material in life". You can see the samurai sword is a delicate Japanese natural factor in the cultivation of sensitivity, according to the changing four distinct seasons. It can be said that the samurai manufacturers are not only craftsmen but also with the spirit of the blessing of the artist. In this respect, the workplace must remain divine respectful, and their performance is a solemn ceremony to purify the assigned iron with cold water and pray for their bodies.

work out

The knife will burn the red steel pieces beat forged, steel buns and then folded up and then beat up, so repeatedly, chase the 10th, there will be 1024 layers of steel, through this step, the steel can be sulfur and other impurities And excess carbon and other clear, to increase the elasticity and toughness of steel. This is like kneading in general, the more layers of the beat, the steel in the carbon and various ingredients will be more uniform, iron crystal will be more detailed, and ultimately forging out the quality of steel uniform, up to thousands of layers, very tough The

Steel with

The shape of the samurai sword regardless of the tip or the entire blade is based on the shape of the circle, the reason why the blade is mainly composed of steel and quenching caused by the quenching. First, the knife to the carbon content of the hard and hard blade gold (Hagane, Hagane), leather iron (Kawga gok, Kawagane), will be less carbon content and soft heart (Shinguan), Shingane, It is a great feature of the samurai sword that the double structure of Japanese is called 込 く (つ く り こ み, Tsukurikomi). The outer edge of the gold and the leather makes the knife sharp and has the proper hardness not to bend. The subsequent firing stage controls the difference in the volume expansion of the tip and the other portions in terms of the amount of carbon and the rate of chaking. So that the tip produces a strong compressive stress so that the sword is more vulnerable to damage, and the formation of machetes arc.

Water cut

That is quenching process, quenching is the so-called heat treatment, Japan called water reduction (み ず へ shi, Mizuheshi). From the point of view of modern material science, this step is regarded as a tool for controlling the carbon content of steel.

The knife will be heated and the steel hammer is made into a flat sheet with a thickness of about 5mm. Seemingly simple process, it is not true, in order to control the carbon content of steel, the number of heating is strictly limited; and the hardness of steel in its continued cooling will be changed. Only experienced knife workers can accurately grasp the changes in the hammer strength, in the limited number of times the heat will be made into a thin jade uniform sheet.

After the steel sheet is formed, the knife will cool it quickly with water. Can make the steel part of the excess carbon stripping. So that the sword itself has a good flexibility, the knife is hard and easy to gap. Knife to the temperature of the steel and the amount of water with a very accurate grasp, to be able to get the appropriate carbon content of the material.