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Japan Samurai Sword
Dec 05, 2016

Forging process of Japan handle and the blade is 1:4, handle two-hand grip, Pisha powerful, its degree of control in the "objects" (also known as "inside"), 16.7mm under the spearpoint, hacker here when the greatest power, is in line with the principles of mechanics. Knife called "" or "", to resist the attack, even, um, three, and four.

Japan knife method sets very high technology, traditional samurai swords in the traditional knives made from operation, yugang iron set the Cook looked through two different materials hard and soft matches, due to the different materials on quenching, heat expands leading blade bending. Generally need to go through after a knife blade, hardened and polished, knife sheath with white wooden handle used to save knife blade sale, hilt, sheath, Tan and other fittings for other businesses, by a specialized machine (Ngok) decorated, and each has a teacher. Japan knife in the history of various factions, there's plenty of Shogun, daimyo of the exclusive craftsman.