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Japan Samurai Sword
Dec 05, 2016

Japan sword (にほんとう, Nihontou), which is alien to Japan collectively of the traditional sword, called flat pieces of complex light pattern edge. The shape, size, can be divided into too knives, knife, ribbed poor (rib), knife, etc, which the Japanese call the knife, refers specifically to the knife-a knife shape category; General Japan knife also includes curly, razors, swords, guns and so on. Since ancient times, Japan knife as a weapon and is famous for its beautiful shape, many knives were used as art collections, and implies the warrior spirit of the meaning. Cutters of different with other countries, Japan Max outside of features ornaments on the knife itself to show sense of design and artistic sense. In Japan, knives are known as "the knife", "Cutler" or "knives metalworking".

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