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Hardening, Quenching Is Known As Heat Treatment, Japan Is Called The Water Reduction
Dec 05, 2016

Water reduction

Hardening, quenching is known as heat treatment, Japan is called the water reduction (みずへし, Mizuheshi). From the point of view of modern materials, this step is knife makers control the technique of carbon content in steel.

Knife heating and hammering steel into a flat sheet of thickness is approximately 5mm. Seemingly simple procedure, but in order to control the carbon content of steel, heat has a strict limit to the number and and when the hardness of the steel gradually cooling it will change. Only experienced knife in order to grasp the effects of hammer strength, in a limited number of heats will be uniformity of the yugang, into thin slices.

After forming steel, knife Union water and cooling it. Excess carbon steel parts can be split. Blade has good elasticity, edge on a hard and difficult gap. Cutler on steel sheet temperature and amount of water has an accurate grasp, was able to get the carbon content of the material.