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Development Of Western Sword
Apr 26, 2017

As one of the leading sword manufacturers in China,we only only hold the only one famous sword brand in China,we also have the unique skills in development for swords. By check and negotiation, one of the customers finally decided to cooperate with us, and offered more than 20 kinds of various kinds of western swords and have us to develop them for him. After check the quality of the samples,he is quite satisfied with our workmanship and the quality.He said we are really top sword manufacturer,he will sign an agreement with us for developing new swords. And we also adhere to our principle that we never sell or show the samples we developpped for customers to any other customers,it is the basis for long-term cooperation.

If you have samples or drawings need to be developped,just contact us,we are sure that we may also do well.Just contact us by