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Cosplay Anime Sword Steel Heat Treatment
Jun 16, 2017

Cosplay Anime Sword Steel heat treatment

It constantly challenges people's wisdom, luck, material and craft limit! But not mysterious! Sword to choose the steel is not hard, but the toughness of its steel heat treatment and the hardness of the blade. If the sword with the sword as hard as hard, cut to things when the energy so that the blade absorbed, so Janus is very easy to break or roll edge. The carbon content of steel is not so simple and the better. Used as a sword of steel, there are two basic attributes, one is the hardness, one is toughness, hardness is the sword can cut more hard things, toughness is the material by how much energy impact without breaking capacity. But unfortunately, these two properties to a certain extent, is mutually exclusive, the higher the carbon content inside the steel, the higher the hardness, to create the sword more sharp, but also more brittle, it is likely to hit a hard thing On the collapse of the; and low carbon content of wrought iron, toughness is very high, to create the sword is not easy to collapse, or even bend to a degree will not break, but no hardness, cutting can not be hard things ( Like a 20 yuan a Tai Chi sword), so the real sword is the need to try to integrate the advantages of high carbon steel and wrought iron. In ancient times, the best way is to use folding forged, the steel and wrought iron layer of a layer of fine to fight together, and carburizing method, so that the sword out of both high-carbon steel sharp, and cooked Toughness of iron. This craft is out of the sword in the ancient boutique is fine, although this process is invented in China, but later Iran (ancient Persian) over the best forging process, it is also known as Damascus steel; And because the folding out of the steel, the surface will have a layer of layers of lines, very beautiful, and therefore become a pattern steel. (Now these processes almost extinct, and now some of the so-called master system out of things, mostly for industrial pattern steel, and welding guns and pickled out of the grandstanding of the material)

Jianfeng's maintainability, of course, is related to hardness, because the hardness itself is part of the sword. Sword is cut and worn

Sting the tool, sharp is its primary manifestation. But the more sharp the lower the retention, more vulnerable to damage, because the more sharp the edge of the thinner, while the higher the hardness the more easy to say and break,

Because the brittle, and damaged because of high hardness but not easy to repair,

Too many factors lead to the edge will be blunt, which is why the higher the hardness of the steel to deal with the use of sub-heat treatment or steel reasons.

The pursuit of hardness and toughness of the balance.