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Clay Tempered Folded Steel Japan Samurai Sword Katana Wakizashi Sharp Hand Forge
Jun 24, 2017

Product Description

Length: 29.52"inch / 75 cm 
Blade length: 19.68"inch / 50 cm
Handle length: 7.87"inch / 20 cm  
Blade width:1.25"inch / 3.2 cm
Blade thickness:0.27"inch / 0.7 cm
Blade material: Clay Tempered Folded Steel  
Fitting: Copper Fitting
Blade hardness: 60 HRC
sheath material:  Green husk wooden scabbard
Blade work:
Forging process: after repeated folding, forming natural decorative pattern, the blade hand-made forging burn blade, polishing grinding for 12.
Gift: Sword Bag 
(Random to send, may not be the same as picture color, please understand.)

 Swords in longquan, is China's famous producer. Has a reputation for producing longquan sword is famous at home and abroad. "Have you noticed my iron smelting fly flame smoke, red ZiQi burden impressively. Good workmen exercise every few years, wrought longquan sword name. Longquan color such as frost and snow, the good workmen client lamentation absolute. Coloured glaze jade cartridge spit lotus, wrong filled afterward.not gold hit the moon..." . This is the tang dynasty poet Guo Zhen poetry. Longquan sword is the crystallization of the wisdom and sweat of industrious longquan people.

Longquan finally to longquan sword 2600 rhyme at the end of traditional sword culture, inheritance develop casting longquan sword ancestral craft, set the essence of the peers, the nature of the heaven and earth, the world of the selected material, forging, shovel, file, carved, quenching, grinding and so on more than 20 process of casting and become, with its "tenacity, soft and sharp, cold light, aggressive, and decorative qiao zhi" characteristics is famous in the world.

Our factory has many skilled cast jian, grinding, carving technicians, technical information and power is strong, has been committed to the research and development of the traditional longquan sword, a sword, and constantly improve the technology, cast jian as far as possible using traditional craft to forging sword sword, constantly, have made new achievements and development. Our factory in order to inherit and carry forward longquan sword culture as the mission, the product style is numerous, complete specifications, applicable to the layers of people groups and collecting of choose and buy, products on the market, has been favored by people from all walks of life's high praise and trust. Factory employees work together to continuously forge ahead, and constantly expand business visibility, expanding the market at home and abroad, and let the market constantly to understand and accept us, make customers more trust us, choose us for ever.

Our products sell well in domestic market and exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and other countries and regions. We in line with "sincerity, quality to him," the principle of service to you.

We will never live up to every sword lovers as well as the general new old customers friends to our hopes and support over the years, make persistent efforts, strive for perfection, every knife, sword is a boutique. Let customer satisfaction is our pursuit of the ultimate goal.

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ADD: Wutan Industrial Area,Longqan City,Zhejiang Province,China