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Chinese Sword The Head Is Called
Oct 19, 2017

Chinese sword The head is called

Sword's head called "first", generally copper, jade sword is decorated with jade, many engraved vortex or roll moire. Handshake called stems, also known as: sword folder, outside the fabric non-slip, known as Gou. Handguard called Tan (read as "Xin" Yang Ping), also known as Jianer or grid, but also decorated with jade. Sword body name E, sword tip name front. The sword is called the sword, also known as the sword room, which sets of copper sets (jade sword with jade), called 璏 (read as "Chi"), also known as Wei or sword nose, used to set hanging Belt on. The bottom of the scabbard called 摽 (read as "scoop"), you can also jade package.

Cao Cao like the sword, he had the famous sword "Heaven", "Green Rainbow", are "broken iron mud", a handle given to Xiahou Er, Cao Pi is cast with three treasures - "Flying King", "Rainbow", "Chinese collars", are four feet two inches long, "decorated with Wen Yu, table to rhinoceros", because repeated exercise, known as " The Liu Bei in the first year of the first chapter of the "gold mining Niuanshan mysterious iron", sword eight, I retained one, the remaining seven points to give Liu Zen, Liu Yong, Liu Li, Zhuge Liang, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun. Sun Quan often wear a sword with six, "one said Bai Hong, two Yue power, three Yue evil spirits, four meteor, five said Qing Ming, Liu Yue hundred miles."

Sword later became a martial artist favorite weapons, but also from the Three Kingdoms era. It is said that Wei Wendi Cao Pi like martial arts, thanks to the two master, one is Henan Shi A fine fencing, one is Chen Guomeng Min Shan to single halberd halberd (should be short handle hand halberd).

Knife history than the sword even a long time, but become the main war weapons, to the Eastern Han Dynasty later. Western Han Dynasty, the knife as a decoration for people to learn Pei, to the Eastern Han Dynasty, because the improvement of steelmaking technology, the quality of steel knife is increasing, its position gradually and the sword turned over. Sword became an ornament, the knife has become a standing weapon of the cavalry.

At that time the main use of the knife on the battlefield, are the first round of the ring, because of its first ring named The first round of the first round of the stone is cast iron, and later the knife is different, one straight body, the second is the front instead of Qufeng, the third is no grid - because the knife is mainly used for hacking, no thorn function, so do not Cricket to guard. The first knife in addition to the sword and the same set of wear, but also with the buckle, which is similar to the later Saber method.

Han head of the first knife is generally one meter to one meter three meters. At that time there is no long handle of the knife, it should appear before and after the Tang Dynasty. So Guan Yu is impossible to use Qinglong Yan on the knife, ha ha.

The Han Dynasty appeared thirty refining, fifty refining, and even hundreds of steel knife. It is said that Cao Cao in Jian'an years, invited teachers, spent three years to create a hundred pagoda five, were engraved dragon, tiger, bear, horse, bird's mark for the mark. He left two, the rest gave his son Cao Pi, Cao Zhi and Cao Lin.