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Chinese Sword The Generation And Development Of The Sword
Jun 05, 2017

"Chinese Sword" is published by Tomorrow Press on June 1, 2007, the author of the book is Huangfujiang.

Tools - weapons - tools, five thousand years, the function of the sword just experienced such a cycle. Among them, as a weapon of the sword almost dominate the vast majority of the history of human war. The emergence and development of the sword, both the need to stimulate the war, but also inseparable from the promotion of science and technology. Sword shape and exterior, in addition to the protection and combat functions, but also reflects the different times people's aesthetic taste and value orientation. Especially after entering modern times, with the extensive use of firearms, the sword of the weapons function gradually die, they as the value of ancient art increasingly apparent. "Chinese Sword" in the book captures the history of the sword of the most representative of the sword, through thousands of pictures, easy to understand the text, a comprehensive and systematic introduction of the times, all kinds of sword shape, smelting technology, manufacturing materials , Changes in the sword outside, and the ancient sword of the true pseudo-identification skills and so on. The book not only introduces the knowledge of the sword itself, but also interspersed with them to participate in and create a magnificent war history.

Author brief editor

Huangfujiang, sword collector, who called the knife fast, alias no knife. Graduated from Peking University Law Department, majoring in international law. Is the executive director of multinational companies in China, the world's eight wine companies in China's intellectual property legal adviser and the only authorized wine appraiser. Collection sword for nearly two decades, looking for a knife footprints throughout Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia dozens of countries and regions, opened in 1998, the knife was the world's largest and most professional Chinese ancient weapons Research forum. Often invited to the world famous museum and auction will identify ancient weapons, and become a number of domestic cultural relics collection columnist. Huangfu family has the most complete Chinese steel antique weapons, CCTV and domestic ten television stations and nearly 100 print media are their people and their collections were interviewed. For several years many times to various types of charitable organizations in Guangdong Province donated collection of antique sword, auctions are the highest record of similar domestic collections.

The first chapter of the emergence and rise of steel swords Xia Shangzhou - Warring States

Chapter II steel sword to replace the bronze sword Qin and Han

The third chapter of the development of steel swords

Chapter IV The peak of the iron and steel sword Sui and Tang dynasties

Chapter 5 The maturity of the steel sword

Chapter VI of the steel sword of the micro-Ming Dynasty

Chapter VII of the Iron Branches of the last glory and decline of the Qing Dynasty

Chapter 8 The Iron Knife Age Completely Ends the Republic