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Chinese Sword Straight Up Straight
Oct 11, 2017

Chinese sword Straight up straight

Sword of han dynasty style used in han dynasty.

In the history of Chinese sword, hanjian has always occupied an irreplaceable position.

The design of the sword reflects the style of the atmosphere during the qin and han dynasties, giving a kind of positive and aggressive atmosphere.

The Chinese sword has always been in a straight and straight line, and in the radical consciousness, not only the people should not only stop regular, even the sword will be upright. Han jian body straight, the blade of the blade is drawn from two arcs, into the scabbard is unpretentious, the scabbard is exposed. Han jian can be said to be very accurate representative of the Chinese Confucian culture of gentle and courteous and the style of the inner circle. The hidden and the obvious are the essence.

Han dynasty decorative lacquerware commonly used black base red lines are very beautiful, the color collocation is reasonable, the pattern decoration is delicate and general. The decorator face is decorated with animal face, moire and grain, especially the embossed in the flat design of the most characteristic. Its layout is reasonable, vivid and clever, the round of grinding is exquisite, luxuriant and delicate.

Historical records say that in the qin and han dynasties, han jian was mainly used as a symbol of the powerful and powerful, as a kind of noble and colorful handicraft, the battlefield, also an indispensable weapon. The emperor gaozu liu bang began to cut white snake from the sword, and then the han dynasty emperors were all sword.

The men of the han dynasty liked to advocate military force, and men hung swords in the middle of their adult life. Even pure college students are trendy. The so-called "sword, gentleman wubei, so defend body" is this truth. The sword of the officials is an obligation, and the special ceremony or scene is indispensable.

Han jian specifications

Classification by length:

The dagger is about 50-70cm long, with a slightly wider blade, a slightly thin ridge, and a sharp cut and a copper frame.

The length of the sword is about 80 to 110CM, the blade is about 20CM, the blade width is about 3.5~ 4CM, and the thickness of the blade is generally 3.7cm or 3.6 CM. The thickness of the blade is generally at 0.8cm, the thick ridge of the body is relatively thick, and it can be chopped with both hands.

The length of the super long sword is 100-140cm, and the few to reach 160CM are basically hands holding, multi-role jade implements, a small number of gold and silver ornaments, as well as the decorative accessories of wang hou.

Classification by sword:

The sword is four sides han sword.

The sword is six faces and six faces.

The sword is eight sides of an eight-sided sword.

The original han jian is long and narrow, with eight sides to grind, so there are "eight han jian" said. Generally speaking, the eight han sword is thicker than the four sides, and of course it will be stronger than the four sides. The eight sides feel to be dignified some, the four sides contracted a few.