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Chinese Sword Saber Method Main
Aug 12, 2017

Chinese sword Saber method main

Chinese sword is not only used for the battlefield, but also the ancient people of elegant love weapons. Zhou Qin Han Tang 2000 years, has been popular in the wind of the sword. Western Zhou to the Spring and Autumn, the Chinese sword is mainly used to wear self-defense purposes. In addition, the waist hanging sword is also a status of the logo, the sword was only aristocratic wear, other people are not allowed to bring the sword of the Warring States period iron sword also began to use, forging technology to a very high level, the sword from the original short While the thick to the long and thin development, the longest up to 1 meter. Long is conducive to actual combat, but pull out from the scabbard is not convenient, Jing Ke assassination of the king, the emperor because the sword is not long out of the pull and almost killed. To the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the sword of the wind is particularly prevalent.

"Sui Shu. Etiquette Chi" contains: a product, jade sword, Peishan mysterious jade. Two goods, gold sword, Pei water Cangyu. Three products and the founding father, five and other bulk name Hou Hou four, five goods, and silver loaded sword, Pei water Cangyu, paternity has been under the Tonglang has been on, like the sword is like a sword. With a straight sword into the temple and the temple, if the battle, all Jie Jian. One product and scattered county public, founding father Hou Bo, are double Pei. Two products, three products and the founding father, five and other bulk goods Hou, are only wear. And not only the level of restrictions, the ancients with the sword in the length and weight, are due to the level of the wearer's title and different, the length of five of its long stems, heavy nine 锊 (l üè, the ancient unit of measurement, about six The length of the three long stem, heavy five 锊, that under the system, the servant of the service, the governor of the three The

While the ancients are the main method of this sword:

1 single ear (ring) suspension method. This is a very old way to wear, more suitable for the smaller size of the sword.

2 sword with hanging shoulder wear sword method. This is a way of sang in the southern minority areas.

3 璏 (zh ì) type of sword method.璏, is used for the Department of the sword of the nose button. If the blade is longer, wear on the waist must be tightened, or will be about shaking, bumps, hinder people's actions, with the 璏-type sword just to solve this problem.璏 are generally placed in the middle of the scabbard on the position.

The Tang Dynasty Chinese sword was regarded as an ornament. Often to express Lingyun ambition or performance is still heroic heroic. Such as the great poet Li Bai juvenile Xi Jian, 25-year-old "sword to the country, resign from the tour" Du Fu: test book burning candle short, see the sword to draw the cup "Wang Wei a fought three thousand miles, Million division "and other sword and war poetry to stay in the descendants. We all know that the Tang Dynasty straight blade weapons called "Tang knife" which can be seen in the Tang Dynasty has not the sword as a combat weapon from the Song Dynasty until the Qing Dynasty, the army sword is only used as a symbol of decoration or leadership.

On the spirit of the knight, the ancient debate a lot, Shen Congwen that is the spirit of the Ranger, "Wen Yiduo said is ink - Xia - bandit" structure, Zhou Shuren ancient ranger embodied in the righteousness and courage. "And I think the most able to summarize the spirit of ancient knight The ancient knight of the people reflects the people of the society unfairly resist, or rob the rich and poor, or for the heavenly road, or bullying. The