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Chinese Sword Performance Advantages
Aug 28, 2017

Chinese sword Performance advantages

Advantages of profiled steel

The principle of pattern just two kinds of carbon content difference between the steel in the critical point of the state part of the integration of each other, we see the pattern is the fusion line of the intertwined lines, this obvious line is because the carbon content is not the same Steel crystal structure caused by different, this is the principle of forging pattern steel.

With two very bad hardness difference between the use of steel forging is not only the pattern so simple, mainly to make the hard steel between the mixed with mild steel, which will strengthen the toughness of steel itself, and in the edge because of the two Different kinds of steel texture, in the edge after the edge will produce subtle jagged, it will enhance the cutting performance.

The appreciation value of the pattern steel

Selection of high-quality high-carbon steel patterned by the folding forging to create blade, blade pattern beautiful, both hardness and toughness, all hand-grinding, tough and sharp. Each kind of steel has its own special characteristics, according to the performance requirements of the knife to select the material, a material will not meet all the performance requirements, the main conditions to meet and then through other measures to meet the special performance requirements

In any case, the pattern means that the stripes of the material are distributed (except for surface dyeing and painting). It should be clear that different materials (the same material should be folded after the surface should be oxide and decarburized layer) have different Atomic arrangement, such as different atomic arrangement of the material together (no matter what way), in the joint surface there will certainly be a lot of dislocation, the changes in the microstructure of the strength, toughness, especially the impact toughness and so have Serious bad influence. However, as an art knife, the use of pattern steel has a very strong appreciation of the value, for the practical purpose of the tool, the pattern is not appropriate.