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Chinese Sword Origin And Legend
Sep 27, 2017

Chinese sword Origin and legend

Origin and legend

According to legend, China's earliest invented weapons are Shen Nong's, the specific era has been unable to research. Shennong have to stone and jade manufacturing weapons, due to the quality of jade is not suitable for real combat, can only be used for ceremonies, and then appeared bronze weapons, the shape of a sword, Ge, spear, the legend is invented by Chi You. Chiyou destroy the princes to expand the territory, and finally with the Yellow Emperor's army in Zhuolu (now Hebei) occurred in the battle, although the final Chiyou defeat, was the Yellow Emperor's death, but Chi You heroic and invented metal weapons, was later respected "military "Worship, spread through the ages.

Production and manufacturing

Each dynasty in our country has a large army, usually hundreds of thousands of people. Emperor in the expedition of Korea, there are more than 100 million soldiers, to such a large army armed up, there must be large-scale weapons production system support, so not only the organs directly under the State manufacturing weapons, civil and local weapons manufacturing Square is also endless. Artisans must undergo rigorous professional training. In the Tang Dynasty, the provisions of the training time for the knife for 2 years. From the Han Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty, China not only in the number of sword manufacturing beyond the country, but also in the iron and steel smelting technology is also a leading position. Mature smelting technology performance: (1) the development of more than 1200 ℃ high temperature furnace, so as to carry out high temperature refining. (2) invented the blast furnace, in the smelting process can continue to provide adequate air, and always maintain the furnace high temperature to achieve the effect of refining. (3) the successful use of coal as a raw material for iron, you can quickly get high temperature effect. If the temperature in the 800 ~ 900 ℃ melting, iron ore is low, refining the iron too soft. And through the coal heating for iron forging, can remove impurities, improve carbon content, increase the hardness of iron. This kind of steelmaking technology as early as the Warring States period has already begun, to the Han Dynasty has reached a mature point. (4) found in practice from the back and forth folding forging can increase the toughness of steel, quenching can strengthen the hardness of the processing methods, so with the "100 steel" or "hundred split knife" argument. The rapid cooling of the iron to improve the hardness of the quenching technology as early as the Chinese master, and generally use this heat treatment to improve the hardness of the tool, especially the edge of the site. In the quenching process for the control of water temperature and water quality selection particulars. To the 6th century AD, in addition to water, some also use the beast of the urine or grease as a quenching material. Iron after quenching, although the increase in hardness, but also become brittle. To the Northern Song Dynasty began to use cold forging method for processing, the strength of the tool increases.