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Chinese Sword Multi-channel Process
Sep 06, 2017

Chinese sword Multi-channel process

Chinese sword rare craft, sword from raw materials to waste, has to go through refining, forging, shovel, file, carved, embedded, quenching, grinding and other processes.

First, the hammer: the iron in the furnace burning, the carburizing process made of Jianbian, repeated many times, the extent of the system as the sword (hard sword, soft sword or martial arts sword) may be. Modern casting sword technology, has been used in high-carbon steel as raw materials, to achieve mass production.

Second, planing file: with steel cut file, so that the thickness of the sword body moderate, between the sword and the blade was a certain slope, the sword ridge must stay in the middle of the sword, and into a straight line.

Third, polished: the file has been placed on the stone polished stone. With gold and steel sand wrapped iron feet even friction. First with coarse sand cloth rough grinding, after fine sand with fine sand. Polished work hammer and shaver file. Modern technology, in order to achieve mass production, this is the most traditional use of the process, and instead of the mechanical wheel, a variety of thickness of the steel wheel cloth, Ma round, soft cloth round, fiber wheel.

Four, mosaic: polished, the sword body engraved with steel needle pattern, sword name, shop number and custom title of the word, embedded in the red copper, the chemical treatment, so that the green light sword who showed gold, color contrast occurs, With a sense of spirit. Craftsmen engraved patterns, do not have to describe, just a needle in the width of the sword only two sides of the blade on both sides of the needle freely, engraved Huanglong Jinfeng, lifelike, Pentium to fly; seven stars such as the Big Dipper line, bright and eye-catching, highly artistic ideas The

Five, quenching: the use of radical quenching method, strong forging ", the use of special quenching agent for" soft "disposal, so that the blade is rigid and flexible, can flexion and extension. Is a high-precision craft, non-general craftsmen can be handy. , The quality of the sword, in addition to forging technology, but also with the quenching of the water quality, quenching agent, climate and so have a great relationship.

Into the Meiji era, with the introduction of European and American culture and prosperity from the Yang, Japan's radical culture gradually restored, Kendo atmosphere has gradually declined. Warrior class is no longer after the revival of the swordsman, especially in the Meiji nine years after the implementation of the waste, the importance of Kendo almost completely lost. In order to revive the decadent kendo, relief of swordsman's life, the original gods for the fencing performance. There are many others who follow him but can not continue for a long time. Although it is a short time, can make Kendo integration in the public life, to save the Kendo Decadence is not no credit. But the funeral was accused of this is the Kendo as entertainment, resulting in exaggerated competition style, reduce the swordsman's character, spirit, technology and Kendo essence of the divorce.