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Chinese Sword Means Powerful
Oct 31, 2017

Chinese sword Means powerful

As the saying goes, "the sword to give heroes, red powder to send beauty", from the gift of various forms of origin, we can see that gifts are generally expressed in the form of things, it is very large range. In ancient times, gifts can be gold and silver coins, etc., "Spring and Autumn", "Historical Records" and other historical books and ancient books, often emperor given princes or hero to "daughter", "million gold" records, , Weapons and other special equipment, "sword to give heroes" is our country through the ages of ancient words; can also be horse and other special effects or special significance of the animals, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the Guan Yu seat under the "red rabbit", Liu Bei riding "Lu", not on the admission of Cao Cao, Liu table gift it?

The history of wealthy big family, all in the wall to place a sword to deter ugly class, Zhai Xing Industrial, Fukuzawa later. The sword will be a hero, the red powder to send the beauty, how many princes will phase, heroes, all the three-legged sword as evil in the evil. Good for life, for men, the sword means that power and conquest, means powerful and bloody, meaning Pride and merry ...

"Hero with a sword, pink gift" first from the Yuan Dynasty Zhengdehui "Wang Can Deng floor" Zaju first fold, there are "sword gift martyrs, red gift gift" sentence. And later passed on from generation to generation, as people give men a valuable idea of the sword mascot.

Human society after thousands of years of development into modern society, with the continuous improvement of people's awareness, "gifts" - to send the sword, this unique social phenomenon has been further developed, and gradually abandoned some violations of the preferred moral and personal Will of the concept of unhealthy, become a special social art form, has its unique connotation and many performance methods. Appreciate the sword of others, because the sword is generally the owner of the collection, so the attitude of the sword to better reflect whether you respect the owner. Without the consent of the owner can not pick up the sword, can only watch on the side. If you want to enjoy in the hands of the details, then the first to obtain the owner agreed. The owner agreed, but also must not own hands to take, but the owner for you to take. Should be picked up by the hands of the sheath, must not pick the hilt, handed after the appreciation, the handle oblique upward to prevent the sword from the tightly inserted and slipped out, appreciate the sword of the equipment and sheath, handle. At this time if you need to see the blade, to ask whether to open to see, with the consent of the owner, can be slowly pulled out, if the knife is the knife when the blade to face the owner, blade for their own, and gradually appreciate every inch, There is a quarter of the body in the sheath when asked whether the owner can pull out appreciation, if you do not agree with the sword should be gently inserted into the sheath, if agreed to pull out a little sideways, so that after the withdrawal of the blade does not point to the owner The If the blade is quite difficult to support the hand, you need to put the sheath on the side of the reliable, to the owner by a soft cloth, one hand grip, the other hand with a soft cloth to hold the sword blade, blade toward their own, calmly appreciate, Hand directly touch the blade, which will make the owner feel annoying and unpleasant. In the appreciation of the sword should try to remain silent, laughing, spittle flying is very rude, in a reasonable situation and the environment,