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Chinese Sword Different Performance Is Divided Into
Aug 03, 2017

Chinese sword Different performance is divided into

The different performance is divided into hard sword, soft sword and traditional martial arts sword three basic types.

Hard sword: to just Lee said, after the blade can cut the sword fifteen, six copper and not hurt the blade.

Soft sword: known for flexibility, excellent flexibility, can make 360 degrees bending, let go, also known as belt sword.

Traditional martial arts sword: sub-single sword, swords, long front sword, dagger, dance can be thorn, Changfeng sword sword body can be made for 90 degrees free flexion, hardness and softness, In addition, there are hand sword, martial arts sword, single and double knives, and so on, as well as the martial arts sector requires a variety of special sword and other martial arts equipment.

The purchaser should see the height of the body, generally with a sword position slightly higher than the helm of the ear wheel is appropriate.

Selection of high quality steel chrome forged. Fine craft, refined by hand, no plating, cold and light pressing, but not stainless steel, it should be properly kept and care; not for a long time home and sweat touch, is strictly prohibited contact with acid and alkali. After use with a clean soft cloth to wipe, and then oil (sewing machine oil, jacquard oil, anti-rust oil, etc.), the sword should also be on the oil, to ensure smooth. Han sword from the Han Dynasty style used by the sword.

Chinese sword history, Han sword has always been an irreplaceable position.

Sword design reflects the atmosphere of the Qin and Han Dynasties style, giving a righteousness and domineering.

China's sword has always been straightforward to correct, radical consciousness, not only to be correct, even the sword should be correct. Han sword body straight, the blade by the two arcs and stretch, into the sheath is plain, the sheath is hard to see. Hanjian can be said to be very accurate on behalf of the Chinese Confucian culture Wen Liangqian and Jean inside style. And which contains the possession of "and" significant "are the essence of this.

Han Dynasty decorative lacquer commonly used on the black red pattern is very beautiful, with a reasonable color, pattern decoration beautiful general. Decorator surface in addition to cut the animal surface, moire, valley grain, especially in the embossed Pan Chi pattern the most unique. Its layout is reasonable, vivid and clever, mellow and delicate, gorgeous fine.

Historical records in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Han sword is mainly used as a symbol of dignity, as a noble decorative gorgeous handicrafts, the battlefield, but also an indispensable weapon. Han emperor Liu Bang uprising, that is, from the sword cut white snake began, and then the emperor of the Han Dynasty all the sword.

Han man likes to advocate force, men adult waist hanging sword, as fashion. Even the pure school of science and technology with the trend. The so-called "sword, gentleman armed, so self-defense" is the truth. The Western Han Dynasty, the officials of the sword is an obligation, a special ceremony or scene is indispensable.