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Chinese Sword Daily Maintenance
Sep 18, 2017

Chinese sword Daily maintenance

Knife, sword mainly by the knife, sword body, sheath, and accessories composed of three parts. Most of the use of iron, steel, copper, wood and other materials, not stainless, not bad. It is like some of our lives in the same items, need care and maintenance. In order to facilitate the conservation of everyone, the following brief introduction to the daily maintenance of small knowledge, in general, pay attention to the following:

One, should not be stored in the wet place, more difficult to contact acid and a class of substances, resulting in knife, sword rust rotten.

Second, in the use of the process, should try to avoid hand touch the knife, the blade, so as not to leave sweat corrosion surface. After use, apply a clean soft cloth Sassafer knife, sword body, and then appropriate coated with anti-rust oil, keep the surface clean. (Gun oil, sewing machine oil, transformer oil, anti-rust oil can be).

Third, the outer sheath are generally wood products. Due to different parts of different climatic conditions, there will often be wood sheath cracking and contraction, it can be used with a small amount of oil soft cloth, often wipe the wood sheath. This can both keep moist and smooth, but also to prevent the wind crack and shrink, but also add a knife, the appearance of the sword beauty.

Fourth, the sword of the equipment are mostly gold and silver copper, and other materials. Which most of the copper accessories, so the sword should avoid contact with the gas to prevent the bad quality of accessories.

Regular maintenance of the sword

1, whenever your sword is used, please use a soft dry cloth to wipe the sword body, and then use high-grade oil (such as sewing machine oil, petrolatum oil, butter, etc., the best condition is commonly used in the army gun) Sweep on the knife, above the sword. Such as poor maintenance, found that the knife, the blade with dark spots or rust, should first be coated with a small amount of oil and then with the most water sandpaper gently friction, until the rust disappears, after a clean cloth with a clean clean, and then advanced oil Can be applied to care.

2, for the collection of swords, in general climate conditions, every half to see a maintenance, bad weather conditions, should be maintained once a month, be sure to use advanced oil for maintenance.

3, different light pattern steel and other steel is not the same, it is mainly to keep clean, dry, is strictly prohibited stained with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive substances. Care with a clean soft cloth can be wiped. Such as long-term do not have to oil maintenance.