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Chinese Sword Blade And Assembly Of Two Parts
Aug 12, 2017

Chinese sword Blade and assembly of two parts

Chinese sword appreciation

Sword appreciation must be multi-angle, multi-level taste, such as a single to sharp or forging to define the advantages and disadvantages of a blade is neither comprehensive nor scientific. Sword appreciation should be roughly divided into two parts of the blade and equipment. Appreciation of the edge of the process can only use eyesight, can not test knife. First look for the forging is sophisticated, forging precision is solid, blade body flexibility, the hardness of the edge and the ornamental lines. And then look at the overall knife-shaped knife posture, the so-called "body wear", the balance of its view and the structure of the center of gravity, to see whether the tool forging left when the process defects or acquired damage, If carved, but also look at the carving, such as the subject carving or blood trough had to carefully examine. Engraving is usually the finishing touch of the effect, such as carving failure is like a superfluous, but rather reduce the value of the work. Apparel appreciation is mainly to see the whole set of equipment design, production, material is artistic, integrity and rare, whether to play a variety of material characteristics and unique artistic charm, feel the vitality of the works. Usually if you can see more physical objects, books, pictures and explore each other, naturally can accumulate tool appreciation skills, not to baseless assertions, hearsay, so as not to go astray. In addition to with each other to learn from each other, but also to find good information and good atmosphere, these are important factors to cultivate appreciation ability. In particular, the Chinese sword art is broad and profound, to pass down the boutique and information are slightly inadequate, the Chinese ancient artillery appreciation of the appreciation of the tool can not be as easy as modern and fast, enthusiasts have bold and meticulous, with a scientific attitude coupled with artistic accomplishment, Have won

About pattern steel

The so-called pattern steel is to increase the strength and toughness of the tool, the repeated folding and tempering in the face of the texture of the lines presented. The original meaning of the lines is practical, and then developed into an art, the artistic expression of the lines naturally related to the value of the work. The word steel is a habit of modern people, also known as Damascus steel, called "earth" in Japan, in fact, these calls are not accurate. China called it forging can reflect its scientific meaning and process method.

Modern people seem to have a mysterious and worship of the pattern of steel, in fact, the edge of the blade is in the process of leaving the process of traces of the process, resulting in additional artistic value, should not be considered as artifacts. In addition to our country, the Asian countries of the ancient soldiers are mostly so-called "pattern steel" done, of which the Islamic countries and India, Southeast Asia and other regions of the most beautiful lines. In the case of ancient Chinese swords, as long as the traditional craft production is mostly pattern steel, but because the material and forging mode is different from other Asian countries, so the lines are not easy to show, but not without lines.

Modern people because of the excessive pursuit of lines, so the use of a certain percentage of acidic liquid coated with the surface of the tool to show the pattern, but the acid will make the knife off the hair and lose its proper light, and the quality of damage, so the pursuit of pattern The process of steel should pay attention to the quality of forging and the artistic effect of the lines, rather than the lines is the sword, because the ancient knife almost all lines, and even modern works to follow the ancient law, the lines of the fancy and brilliant no less than the old knife The Understand this point will be able to understand the work itself only ancient and modern, good and bad, the material of the other, and no true and false points. Forging the artistic effect of grinding and grinding materials and technology have a great relationship in Japan, using a "earth Yan" grinding stone quenching ripple, showing a detailed forging; with steel material "grinding bar" Such as diamond-like steel light; the use of straw ash, antlers, beef saliva and other special materials to deal with the crystallization of the phenomenon, such as the stars like water clouds like lines. China, such as in the tool grinding material and technology has been a breakthrough, the legend of the knife's luster and sharp is bound to reproduce.