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Anime Sword Dagger Dagger
Jun 05, 2017

sword. Jian Jian double-edged straight head, vertical and horizontal can be hurt, thorns can be through a. Dangerous exception, born to kill. (Wu Jing) ---- sword, both sides have opened the blade, with a straight sword and sharp tip. Dancing to both sides of the show are both lethal, with the tip of the attack can easily penetrate the armor. Is a very dangerous weapon, often make people dangerous like clusters. Is a kind of purely for the existence of weapons.

Sword, one of the ancient weapons, are "short soldiers". Known as "100 soldiers of the king" reputation. Ancient sword made of metal, long strip, front tip, back with a short handle, both sides of a blade. Now as a sword with the sword, the sword as a slender bar, the top of a small ball, no blade.

Sword, early dagger dagger, sword and knife a class, the difference lies only in single-edged and double-edged. Sword also known as: "light Lu", "path", "long clip". Spring and autumn, began to popular sword. Fine texture of the sword mostly from the south, mainly Wu, Yue (Min Yue), Chu, Bashu. Sword out, dagger is not waste. The history of the sword is a long history.

Sword is easy to fight, dagger conducive to the body, can also be used for assassination, Jing Ke assassination of the king, the Eastern Han Dynasty knight Wang Yue, Shi A is a typical example.

Sword for the sharp edge of the edge of the long weapons, and its length, depending on the human body as a standard, is subject to the amount of people may be. Zheng Eu more in the sword has been explained, that "the size of the human body is also the size of the system, the sword for its clothes, not straight to the United States, to make the appropriate use it. The sword of the five-inch long, the sword if the five times the length of its stems, then the three feet also, heavy nine Qiang, the weight of two pounds twelve twelve also, its So long to the very, and so on, so that the system. Wrong of the long and powerful, and then to win, so the captain of the clothes. Sword four of its stems, stems of the long two feet five inches, heavy Seven Qiang, then the two pounds of fourteen also, the length of light and heavy in the Yan, so that the system. Only the people who should be in the service, so the sailor service. If the sword only three of its stems, then two feet Ears, and restuaries of the five cocks, then the two jin one two three-thirds of the ear, light and short, so that under the system. "The shape of the short and powerful, who can serve Yan.

The sword system, probably used in ancient times, the history is still more change, since Qin to Song, change is particularly expensive. Zheng Eyun: "If the sword of the Qin and Han Dynasties and the Sword compared to the Song Dynasty when the sword has twenty-one inch three points, the Han Dynasty sword only seventeen inch nine points. Song dagger fifteen inch two points, Han Dagger only ten inches five points, so when the sword of the sword when the sword of Han, and better quality. Having said that, when there is evidence, but also not agree. Cover the use of the sword, although not for the killing, but also for the scribes of the jewelry, but still to self-defense against the main enemy, such as the sword is the use of inconvenience, the sword is difficult to avoid the short, Elderly and waving slow, both are non-sword system. Card to ancient books have words: "Han emperor battle three feet sword and the world", then the Han sword less than two feet of the forgiveness of the error. If the comprehensive history of the sword, probably the length of the ancient sword, from one foot three inches to four feet and so on, its weight was two to three pounds, is a character because of people, should be credible.