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Historic Sword Carry It Lightly
Jun 09, 2017

Historic Sword Carry it lightly

people, Sri Lanka can not pass.

Sword founded from Xuanyuan Huangdi era. According to the Yellow Emperor of the Ji Yun: "Dili mining the first mountain of copper sword, with the ancient words of the ancient words"; and according to the tube to the number of clouds: "Xi Ge days of the mountain hair out of gold, Chi and the system, that Sword armor ". The above two said, like the Yellow Emperor and Chi You, who have the sword for the soldiers.

According to the above, regardless of the founder of the sword who, born in the Yellow Emperor era, no doubt. The Yellow Emperor in the first four hundred and fifteen years (BC 2700 years) to build the temple, the country has Xiong, when the Department of fashion into the bronze period, but it is inferred that the sword of the ancient very ancient, , So later known as the "short of the ancestors", can indeed be well deserved.

Since the Yellow Emperor to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, mostly with bronze sword, sword quality is quite good, refining technology has gradually improved. Spring and Autumn Warring States period, and set the sword system, detailed system of the sword of the law. Zhou Kao Gong Ji Yun: "Zhou Guan Tao for the sword, wax wide two inches and a half, two from half of the wide, with its wide wax. Stem round long times. In the stems, after the service, Heavy nine Qiang (press: Zhou Li six half for a Qiang), that on the system, on the soil suit. Length of four of its stem, heavy seven Qiang, that the system, the sailor service. Heavy five cocks, corporal service ". And the archaeological Ji Yun: "sword, ancient instrument name, two-edged and ridge, from the back to the edge, that the wax, or that the ﹝ ﹝ that is the blade body.) Back blade below, and the handle separated by green, that the first ﹝ That is, the sword plate), the first grasp of the Department said stems ﹝ that is, hilt, stem end of the ring said Duo ".

China in the Shang Dynasty began to have the sword of historical records, generally was lancet or sharp triangle, the beginning of the copper. At that time, as a long weapon under the auxiliary weapons, but in Wu, Yue more rivers and more areas because of the water war more but the sword as the main weapon, the Spring and Autumn period of the sword and therefore mostly out of these areas. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Yijinhuoluo Zhu Zhuigou site unearthed "Ordos straight handle dagger bronze dagger", is the earliest ever known bronze sword, about the early business period of the 15th century BC. This sword through 25.4 cm long, blade similar to the willow-shaped, thick ridge, double-sided edge, straight handle, the middle of two grooves, handle the first slightly ring, handle and the sword at both sides of the convergence , The blade down oblique into the front, the handle wrapped around the hemp rope.

Spring and Autumn Warring States, the sword for the main battle weapons, and continue to lengthen. Hubei Jiangling Wang Shan on the 1st Chu tomb unearthed Yue Wang Goujian sword full length of 55.7 cm. Han Wudi, there are more than 3 feet, the blade by the two arcs and stretch, into a straight, Jianfeng angle from the sharp increase. The Eastern Han Dynasty, gradually out of the war arena, mainly for wearing a ritual or martial arts physical self-defense. After the Han Dynasty bronze sword gradually replaced by steel sword, and tend to shape, that is, the blade has a ridge, both sides of a blade, before the tip of the sword, in the sword first, after the stem, stem end set the ring called Tan, in addition There are scabbard, sword and other ancillary ornaments. Sui Tang, Saber popular. "Sui Shu etiquette Chi" contains: "a product, jade sword, Peishan mysterious jade. Two products, gold sword, Pei water Cangyu. Three products and the founding father, five scattered (bulk) Five goods, and silver loaded sword, wearing water Cangyu, paternity has been under the Tonglang has been on, with the bit like a sword with a straight sword, into the temple and the temple, if the battle, all Jie Jian. One product and scattered (scattered) county public, founding father Hou Bo, are double Pei. Two products, three products and the founding father, five scattered (bulk) number Hou, are only Pei. Shou like it. "Tang Sheng , By the literati as an ornament, express to Lingyun ambition or performance is still heroic heroic. After the sword and Taoism forged a bond, became the hands of the instruments of Taoist one. The famous historian Gu Jiegang once in his book "Shi Lin knowledge" mentioned two scholars Zhang Zheng and Mr. Li Pingxin for the Chinese sword source point of view. Zhang Zheng that "the sword is not Wu Yue people invented, about from the Serbia came", and Li Pingxin that "sword from the Western Regions."