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Wakizashi Spare Weapons
Jun 09, 2017

Wakizashi Spare weapons

Threatened (also known as the threat). The length of the blade is 30cm-60cm. Japanese warriors usually with the knife or knife match with the waist, is a spare weapon, usually do not use, is as a main weapon of the long knife (too knife or knife) damage when used.

In general, the Japanese warrior, the threat is not used for cutting the abdomen, cut the abdomen is a special knife. Too knife or knife in the fighting and the threat is not generally used at the same time, but the legendary Japanese first Miyamoto Musashi is used in two knife flow. Two knife flow of the "two knives" means too knife and threat.

In addition, the threat is to allow the general people, the public, businessmen and other non-warriors to carry the self-defense weapons. So in many of the ancient anti-riot events, the lead knight is the use of this weapon.

According to the length of the Japanese knife is divided into long knife (combat with the wild knife "wild pheasant knife"), long knife (big knife, Saber, knife, knot knife), threat of bad (small knife), and short knife.

Super knife is used by soldiers when fighting, and now is not common.

Long knife is the main knife of the Japanese knives, the general blade length of 60 cm above 80 cm below, which is too big knife knife, usually used in the ceremony and combat command;

Saber and knife followed, for the warrior daily wear and fighting;

Habitat knife is a special tool for the knife, the blade is also slightly shorter, of course, as long as a long knife can be used for the knife, so the knife is less than other knives.

Big knife knife gorgeous, wearing a blade down.

The depth of the cutting edge of 60 cm below 30 cm above the general is a small knife.

Blade length less than 30 cm called the knife.

Threats are usually used for samurai suicide, the general warrior Pei Shuang Dao refers to a knife plus a threat.

"Threat" is the Chinese "rib" of the false write, "poor" is "fork". (The belt), so the ancient times sometimes use the "difference" refers to the warrior wearing a knife, such as "two poor", is a knife and the threat of each one of the meaning. In the battle as a knife to add and backup, belonging to the auxiliary knife.

As for the most common fallacy in the Japanese knife ring, the ribs are used to cut the abdomen. Is rumor. It is a very powerful weapon, especially indoor or street fighting and assassination, on many occasions. The new group of Kondo Yongzong is to threatened (long Zeng Mihu) to play his name.