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Their specific titles and uses are as follows:
Dec 05, 2016

A, [jade wrapped around the sword] ISE-special tool for Oracle, he was the only person who can bring;

Second, [knife] is similar to China's undertaking, granted by the emperor to envoys abroad;

Third, the [instrument cutter] for the Praetorian guard;

Japan knife

Japan knife

Four, [Shi too knife] for when the Minister towards a belt;

Five, [dill painted too knife] called Kanto Wei fu was a knife, is used to display the rank of knives. More than three gold, four silver;

Six, [no-dachi] Oh, it's easy to get it wrong, this thing is Japan ancient are not at all, did not occur until modern times. We often say that Japan swords and weapons too knife too too knives knife, black, white are in this, even the knife is;

Seven, [knife] real is used on the battlefield weapons, mostly armored Warrior uses;

Eight, [dachi] the weapons by the Kamakura shogunate, 3 feet 9 inches, there are up to 7 feet, but are rare. Use with a small knife, knife on the battlefield, the size of about two not far from;...