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The iron age
Dec 05, 2016

Iron sword in the 13th century BC the iron age began to gain ground. The Hittite people, Greece Mycenaean early Iron Age civilizations of the original Celtic languages (8th century BC) was the first to use iron sword. Iron sword, was due to the full use of raw materials to be mass produced. Early iron swords than the later steel-edged sword behind, due to brittle, iron swords and even as some fine bronze swords, but iron sword is simple, material utilization is high, which makes the whole army could use a metal weapon (though the Egypt Army military equipment as early as bronze age bronze sword).

Later, the Smiths found in iron smelting, plus some charcoal, carbon, can make a stronger alloy. Sword of the world there are a number of ways, one of the most widely used is casting method.