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The bronze age
Dec 05, 2016

Began using a weapon with a blade in humans since the bronze age. As early as the 2nd century BC, human beings can create a weapon similar to the dagger. In the bronze age, because they could not break the tensile strength of copper, more than 90 cm of the sword is almost impossible to see. People need to find a harder metal than copper to make more swords. Sword is a simple handle, blade prevents users from being cut. European area of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Willow leaf blade of the sword is typical of West Asia, the Nordic region's sword is spiral-shaped. In the Shang dynasty in China began to have the sword of historical records, bronze swords were also found in the archaeological relics, usually as secondary weapons under long weapons at that time, but in the Wu and Yue River more area for more water instead of swords as the main weapon, sword of the spring and Autumn period and therefore mostly out of these areas.

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