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Dec 05, 2016

The sword, one of the ancient weapons, belonging to the "short". Known as the "Prince of hundred soldiers" of the name. Ancient swords made of metal, long, pointed, the back-end has a short Stipe, edged weapons on both sides. Now as a fencing sword, the sword being a slender steel bar, for a small ball at the top, no blade. Film of the same name of the sword was taken by China in 1982, foreign name Sword, Director: comfort. Sword. Early is a dagger-dagger comes from areas of grassland in the North both meat dishes, also body weapons. Swords and knives, and only difference is single edged and double-edged. Also known as the "light LV" and "route. At the end of spring and Autumn period, popular swords. Excellent texture and the sword that comes from the South, mainly of Wu and Yue and Chu. Sword, dagger or waste. All throughout the history of the sword has a long history. Sword fighting dagger against body, you can also engage in terrorist assassinations, Jing Ke CI Qin Wang is a typical example.