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Modern Chinese swords.
Dec 05, 2016

Some people think rapier is from 16th century Spain the Espada ropera swords evolved. Rapier sword in the past the biggest difference is that it is no longer military but civilian defense tool. The rapier and Italy schiavona of cross-shaped sword hand into a cup-shaped hands. 17 and 18th century short sword began sweeping across Europe, become rich and preferred accessory for officers. The rapier and Sabre are quite popular in 18th century. In the colonial period Europeans started to clone a hostile Middle Eastern or Central Asian nation's single-edged knife, called Sabre (Sabre or saber) is defined as the branch of the sword. After exiting the ranks of fashion in the sword, walking stick will take its place. For example, hidden in a cane sword. France martial art la canne is in possession of a sword cane as a weapon.

When the sword is about to quit the stage of history, playing roles from fighter to the waist of the civilian population, past a pivotal position in the war have been replaced by firearms. Even as a personal defense weapon, the sword has lost the advantage in the early 19th century, and are replaced by lightweight pistol. For a long time after World War I, the sword is the essential equipment of the army. But during World War II, but in hand-to-hand combat using weapons such as swords, other battles are done only by guns. And now, the sword is still in use, but only appeared in March on the clothing and dress of the Army Commander, or retained heavy cavalry equipment in many countries. Some Western ceremony used to wield a sword.