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Historical European swords
Dec 05, 2016

In the eyes of many people, ancient warriors fighting in Europe, but is as heavy as a stick-wielding swords, brute force crush opponents, and nothing moves and martial skills to speak of.

Why is this impression? I think mostly due to the following three points:

1. Chinese Kung Fu and wuxia films in the clumsy warrior in the West, Westerners defacing the strong and brutal martial arts dexterity to set off the East.

2. Hollywood movies of the last century but not the martial arts Director for attention, leading to poor standards of battle scenes.

3. Description of American movies are the middle ages, this time dominated by war martial arts, fight wear heavy armor, pay attention to moves of intuitive and streamlined. Martial arts flourishing period has not been reached.

Swords is very common weapon of the American movies, appeared in the late Middle Ages, is a complex of European sword-shaped weapons made after this long evolution, its proportion, weight, shape to achieve a perfect balance. Mainly for two-hand grip, but can also be one-hand operation, can be used on the battlefield (determined in accordance with arms and tactics, not mainstream) can also be used for self-defense, multi-purpose and easy to carry.

Swift sword is the gun before it is ripe, product of European weapons evolved to extremes in the one-on-one, with little regard for battlefield use of such weapons.

Cut and thrust sword is a cross between a one-handed sword and swift sword weapon, it is longer than one-hand sword, light weight, enhance protection for the fingers, strengthened the stings, and retained some ability to hack. Cut and thrust sword is the sword for one of the fathers.