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During the middle ages
Dec 05, 2016

Spatha sword in the nation during the great migration, and even into the middle ages, were very popular. Spatha sword Vendel period were decorated with Germanic-style pattern (not Germanic imitation of a Roman pattern). Swords of the Viking age have a more standardized production, but the sword remains the template of the Spatha. Ngok fork was not created until the 11th century Norman swords (Quillon) and cross-Guard (Crossguard). 12 to 13th century Crusader cross-shaped weapon is the sword, changes mainly to round the handle head tip. The attack was set for the blade of the sword, but armor reinforced was killed at the same time. There was a ring-pommel DAO of Han after the popular three kingdoms, Jin, and southern and Northern dynasties and the Sui dynasty, was not until the Tang dynasty by ring-pommel DAO improved and developed Tang knife (also known as the sword. ) Are replaced. Chinese development of Korea ring Broadsword in Korea is very famous in the era of the three kingdoms, from the year records began in 9th century Japan knives from the sword of the Tang dynasty in China.