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Basic structure/sword(1)
Dec 05, 2016


Sword can make three kinds of attacks: cut, cut and thorns. Of the blade has two single-edged and double-edged (Western sword), also include the point of the later single blade double-edged straight sword.

Different have different fencing sword, short sword or sword in the rear can be used to cut or straight, dagger or sword used for backhand strikes. Sword with sword and dagger through the hand position changes.

Blade blood Groove on to reduce weight without reducing strength and stiffness, with I-shaped steel similar in principle. Always edge tapering sword, sharp edge can be used to sting.

Sword hilt

The hilt is the blades together and allows people to manipulate parts of the sword, including sword tail round hand, head and hand (o hands China fumble recovery), hands can be a font style, cruciform (Western) or semi-circular (Sabre). Sword-tailed head only appears in the great swordsman, enhances balance, only a band of Chinese swords, blunt, can be used to your ear.