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Onimaru Sword is one of the four famous ancient swords, which stands for high quality level for swords. As the leading sword manufacturer in China, who has obtained the famous sword trademark in China for many years. During the development, we accumulated plentiful experience for making high quality swords from practice. Now we created and registered a new famous sword brand--- Onimaru Sword for overseas market.

To enable the sword lovers and collectors to appreciate the traditional sword making skills, we concentrate our energies on studying the traditional sword culture and forging technology. Thus our swords are special and unique in the market, which bear the highest level for sword-making, and become the excellent and popular swords for practice and collection. Our swords have been praised and favored by our state officials, foreign friends, artists and people of martial arts community.


In ancient, swords are the main weapons used in the battle, so they must be sharp and strong enough, also the must be safe enough for the sword-users. We carefully choose the steel and then use the same forging method to forge the blades. To make the swords blades be stronger and more flexible, we cover a mixed special clay on the sword blades as ancient people do and only leave the blade edge out, then put them in a stove to temper, when the temperature reaches more than 1200 ℃ , we promptly throw the blades into a special water to make them be cold quickly. By this procedure, we make the best blades for quality swords. In order to protect the sword users, we use the high carbon steel to casting the sword tsubas (sword guards), thus when the opponents cut the tsuba, our hand will be safe enough. For this purples, we do not use cheap and soft zinc alloy or brass fittings for quality and battle ready swords. So the sword lovers have no worries to use our swords.


We also know that different people from different countries have different interest, to meet the different sword lovers’ requirements, we provide different blade materials, fittings, colors, lengths and packing for their choice, they can choose any part to customize their own swords.


We sincerely welcome anybody who love swords to contact us! We will serve you well at any time!